Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Wedding Online Premiere

My graduate film The Wedding has just premiered online through Short of the Week!
So here the sucker finally is (I finished it like a year ago!)

The Wedding from Simon Cottee on Vimeo.

And also a super all over the place, long and totally out of focus Duck video update that I probably should have never uploaded!

Oh and a new Beast Chorus entry!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ducks 2013

A bit of a dump of junk.

Annnnd I was the illustrator for the 2nd issue of the very cool Brisbane writers journal Stilts. Here are some of the illustrations that I drew like... almost a year ago!

There are more in the issue too!
Annnnd here are my christmas cards for 2012. The last one is for my big sister of course.

ANNNNNND here is an amazing picture I found that I forgot I drew and was wrongfully put into a folder called mess. It should be in a folder called Masterpiece.
I sure like pink hey.
Hey some duck background samples why not
More... pink!?

Oh and we have a bunch of new Beast Chorus entries that you may have missed, they gettin better and better! Here is a little sample of one illustration, but it's the written pieces that my man Samuel Maguire writes that makes it!

Wait a second... that looks very... OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD