Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beast Chorus, Ducks and Stuff

HI my blog.

So here is a recap because lots of cool stuff is going on. My pen and paper bro Sam "Skydekkerix" Maguire  and I have started a new collab site called Beast Chorus. It's sorta like a high concept webcomic/fantasy journal. It's a bestiary of fantastical creatures for a pen and paper RPG setting, Sam and I come up with the monster, Sam writes them up wonderfully and then I illustrate them. It's so much fun! So go check it out for some excitin writin and artin. HERE!

I've also got some illustrations from whatever:
This guy, an illustration of a character from a story for my buddies at Stilts.

And here is a silly picture from a drawjam.

AND here are two characters you may recognise for a freelance project that fell through:
Here is a bad drawing of Greedo!
AND here is a rough walk cycle test for the Duck!

AND here are two images nearing a final look and style! WOAOAOA!

OH and there is a chance I may be going to Munich in November with the Wedding. I'm also in a bunch more festivals and award things yaaaay.

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  1. Beast Chorus looks awesome! As for the duck stuff, it's looking awesome and good luck with Munich :)