Thursday, August 2, 2012


So I'ma workin guys. YES THAT IS RIGHT.
I've even got a first draft animatic and story board together!
I'm now in the process of creating placeholder backgrounds, that I will also turn into colour boards.
This means I can get into animating as I know the staging of each shot.
Here are some example:
You can see I am using the anamorphic widescreen on this one.
I added the characters there to demonstrate the shot.
This is 2.35:1 aspect ratio or 1920x817 effectively. Look at all that SPACE!
A multiplane placeholder background, the characters will be added in the animatic.
And revising the rough storyboard panels. A big part for me is just diving in and getting something down,
even if it's horrible. Then I go back and redo it all.


  1. Hi Simon

    This might be the dumbest question in the world, but how do you get the feathered chalk edge around the outside of the multi-plane backgrounds.

    And more importantly - why choose that style? Is it indicative of the final style, or just placeholder art?


    1. Heya Phil!
      I draw these guys in photoshop using a custom brush. So when you see the finer line work, like in the image below there is still some roughness there, but it's subtle. When you bring the brush size up, it's basically a blown up version of that, so it becomes this big chalky thing. For the roughs I like to keep them... well... rough. The clean version's will use a proper line style and all that, but keeping everything so messy is great because you don't get too attached and it doesn't have that gross stagnant clean feeling. The final product will look more like my other art around the blog, where the linework is cleaner but the colouring is still fairly "blotchy".

      Cheers Phil!
      ~ Simon