Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kids in Danger!

Here are some for fun character sketches for a Kids in Danger 80's style adventure.
I'm planning on running this as a pen and paper game for some buddies, I'll assign them these characters for their SP-SP-SPOOOKY adventure!

Click for full res!
All Goonies, Sandlot and ET up in here!


So I'ma workin guys. YES THAT IS RIGHT.
I've even got a first draft animatic and story board together!
I'm now in the process of creating placeholder backgrounds, that I will also turn into colour boards.
This means I can get into animating as I know the staging of each shot.
Here are some example:
You can see I am using the anamorphic widescreen on this one.
I added the characters there to demonstrate the shot.
This is 2.35:1 aspect ratio or 1920x817 effectively. Look at all that SPACE!
A multiplane placeholder background, the characters will be added in the animatic.
And revising the rough storyboard panels. A big part for me is just diving in and getting something down,
even if it's horrible. Then I go back and redo it all.