Friday, May 11, 2012

The Duck Kickstarter Video Update 1

Here is a video update for my kickstarter campaign.

Oh and the Duck portrait of author Ben Loory

Huge Amazing Animation Dump

I can safely say I have seen enough amazing short animations in the last month that I question why I even bother sometimes. SO HERE ARE SOME OF THEM!

Swelter by Jacob Streilein
This really flawed me with it's palette, ambience and use of shadow. The character animation is fantastic too and I loved the ambiguity of the whole thing (personally I would have loved a darker ending. BUT hey, I'm the guy about to make a Duck love story film).

Chop Chop by Bird Box Studio
Bird Box are masters of timing and telling amazingly effective little stories with so little. The choreography of the fight is unreal too, note how three dimensional those simple characters are. Charming!

The Eagleman Stag by Mikey Please
This absolutely flawed me. I almost don't want to say anything about it because you should just experience it fresh. So I won't. But absolutely sublime.

Mafuta by Kyler Spears
Like Jacob Streilein this is another Calarts student. I really want to go to that school...
Check this character animation and volumes control. BOW BEFORE IT.

Beat by Or Bar-El
From looking at the time line I thought "Seven and a half minutes! I dunno about this." But in the first 30 seconds I was totally sold, and it only got better. Bar-El also says this is his first 3D attempt. Sonuvagun.

Legs by Alexander Pettersson
This is just so much fun, short and incredibly sweet. What energy!

Epilogue by Kris Anka
This one is a bit of a slow burn but has some amazing compositions and style. I think this could have been pushed over the edge to amazing with some better sound engineering and maybe a very subtle score. Love the wide screen.

Nocturne by La Poudriere (I think)
I loooove this. The style is so unique and the sound and score incredible. The kind of idea you wish you had.

Oh and don't forget to support my Kickstarter campaign! It's going greeeeeat so far!
13% funded!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Duck Kickstarter is ALIVE

Thunderducks are GO!

I have finally launched my Kickstarter campaign. So feel free to annoy all humans (or wealthy animals) about it!

I've got a really good feeling about this, even if I am really nervous at the same time.
I'm headed off to the Cannes film festival on the 15th then off to the Tel-Aviv student festival.
So it's pretty much the most exciting time in my life ever right now.