Thursday, April 5, 2012


Two days into me focusing full time on my next film, The Duck.
The second in my "Large Body of Water" trilogy. (I have no idea what my next film will be but there seems to be a running theme of water..
So far I have:

  • Finished my first draft script
  • Completed my schedule
  • Mentally visualised most of the film
I'm going to dive in proper very soon. In fact later today I am going to the University of Queensland with my house mate Harry (who is studying food science there) to sketch and film some ducks!
My biggest challenge with this project is to have the audience connect with Duck faces. I don't want to go the classic daffy/donald look, so we will see what I come up with.

I've planned out the next 9 months and sorta my finances. If I can't manage to crowd fund this thing I may still be able to work on it mostly full time and pick up some freelance here and there, but that isn't ideal to finish the project before January 2013.

Here is what my schedule list looks like (not necessarily in that order:
Script, Kickstarter Pitch, Character Design, Concept Art, Colour Board, Storyboard/Animatic ,Voice Recording, Roughs, Cleans, Backgrounds, Colouring, Comp, Film Score, Sound Mix.

I'm also about to purchase the rights to adapt this short story (which I'm leaving a little mysterious on purpose) and it aint cheap! (but worth it)

Oh and here is the view to my left. I can sit in my computer chair and hang my legs out the low window. Amazing in this nice Australian sun.

I need to pull those weeds...

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