Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cool Animation Dump

Still doing my shading, I'm taking it easy post the frantic crunch.
Here are some great animations worth sharing!
Zoologic, an old favourite of mine!

My friend Sharnee just put me onto this one:

Sébastien Tellier - Look from Record Makers on Vimeo.

AND Tom Ward threw this one at me, amaaazing. Be sure to watch full screen.

Les chiens isolés from CRCR on Vimeo.

And Tom and I are starting to ramp up Boatmurdered again! WOO!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Film Submitted

So my film the wedding is all submitted for the screening and I'm practically on holidays now. But it aaaaaint over. I'm now shading the film, something that I didn't get time to, it's going pretty quick, I did 3 scenes in like half a day so that's cool.
I could probably finish it off tomorrow if I work hard. I also inbetweened a tiny bit more and am going to redo my credits and tweak some other things.

OH and I'm now looking into film festivals I can submit to.