Sunday, May 29, 2011


I have an irregular freelance illustration gig for at the moment.
Basically drawing up comics from scripts they provide.
And here is some real ROUGH ROUGH animation keys of uni related stuff.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pokemon and Sperm

That title is a bit weird I understand.
The pokemon plague ravaged through our house a while ago and I ended up doing a bunch of stupid Pokemon pictures on some image boards, but never compiled them. So here are some of my favorites.

Click for full res

I've also been working on a uni project for a short film pitch that involves pixel art, sperm and eggs. All will become clear later. But for now, here is some concept art.
on the film front I am currently trying to lockdown and locate a great voice actor for my narration. I've also been sharing my animatic with as many industry people as possible. Been getting some great feedback.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Character redesigns, animatics and shaving

Hello hello. Lotsa progress has been made of late.
I have my animatic in a real good place. Basically it is the first final candidate animatic. I've been showing it to classmates and trying to get as much feedback as possible. I am also about to send it off to a bunch of industry animators to try get their feedback too! One point I am still trying to make my mind up on is my narration. I just worry it is currently my weakest point and may need to look at finding a proper narrator real soon. Stressssful!

I have also shaved my moustache, sideburns and got a haircut as I am having my "Beardstones" or facial hair milestones linked to my film, so I got my animatic done so now I'm fresh and clean to grow my beard until my film is finished. It's going to get rough...

I have also been revisiting my character designs and updating them. I find they grow organically as I do my animatic and end up drawing them a bunch. The biggest change is perhaps the wife. I also just had an idea for a new hairstyle as I never liked my old one.

And I updated the boy a little, to make him looser and gave him tails.
I've been diving back into pixel art and tried recreating my characters as just a warm up exercise