Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Wedding Update and albums

I've been very busy indeed. Been back for a week at uni and this coming Wednesday I need to pitch my film to my tutors and classmates. I'm lucky I have done a chunk of work over the holidays so I have it a little easy.
My script has been going through a bunch of revisions too, and my first crap draught of my animatic is almost done. I've also modelled a 3D yacht in Maya for my sets.
Here is a colour panel for an idea of the art direction and perhaps final design.
I've been very inspired by Graham Annable's amazing paintings as seen here.
One of my classes is crazy intensive with 2D animation, at the moment I am trying to figure out how to animate a pole vaulter. If that wasn't hard enough I have to do it with crazy perspective! ARGH! 

I have also turned my recent Chiptune Poster into album art for my buddy Dot.AY's new release!

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  1. I guess just find some pole vaulting videos on YouTube and watch them over and over?

    Funny, now that I think about it, I remember a Disney animation with Goofy as a pole vaulter, years and years ago. (I suspect he went through a whole bunch of track & field sports in that animation, though I can't remember exactly.) But as I recall, even though it was, well, Goofy, it still looked pretty accurate.