Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Wedding Update Whatever

So all kinds of things have been going down. Production has started proper now so it's starting to get stressful. I'm currently going through all kinds of narration tests.
I originally got my housemate Jack to do one, then I did one myself that I used for my first version animatic, then the script was revised so I did a new recording of myself. Then yesterday I got my friend Michelle Law to narrate it using the proper uni sound booth, but listening back to it I'm not sure using a female voice is gonna work without too much confusion, so I just hounded Jack to come in and do a impromptu recording session at uni. He was home doing our dishes so I feel kinda mean.

So we had to pitch our films to our tutors, students and a few industry peeps. My pitch went pretty well I think and it was a lot of fun! I am permitted to make mine on my own and got a 10/10 mark for the pitch! I was amazed, I assumed I just pissed the tutors off due to my cockiness and perhaps perceived unrealistic ambition.
But there you go!

I've been iterating my animatic at the moment, I have a real basic version going. I showed it to Joe Brumm and he had heaps of cool input and seemed genuinely excited and encouraging about it. I've also met with script writer Priscilla to go over the deeper motivations and direction of my story. It was very intense but useful to work out character direction.
I told myself I would have my animatic at a close to ready point by the end of this month, it's the 23rd so if I want to achieve that... I need to get working. But I think that is unrealistic now as I want to iterate it as much as possible. I plan on getting Joe's wife Suzie to have a look over it too, she has been a story board artist for some time.

We are also all animating like hell for Joe's animation class, I'm currently trying to animate a toddler, adult and old man walk. HARD!

Here is an AMAZING animation I stumbled onto that I can only hope mine has such rendering:

Old Fangs from adrien merigeau on Vimeo.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Pig Patrol

This was just for fun, I only intended to do one character then I got addicted and busted them all out.
3 buddies and myself have been running a pen and paper Warhammer Fantasy Role Play v2 game for about 2 years now. I have had some of the most fun during it I will tell you what. This is the first time I have digitally drawn our characters. They have gone through so much and are all now mentally ill and very socially unstable.
The best of friends.
Pig Patrol: Wiegel the Tomb Robber, Janusch the Physician (myself), Helmet the Knight, Donny the Manchild, Mengot the Undead Hunter

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Wedding Update and albums

I've been very busy indeed. Been back for a week at uni and this coming Wednesday I need to pitch my film to my tutors and classmates. I'm lucky I have done a chunk of work over the holidays so I have it a little easy.
My script has been going through a bunch of revisions too, and my first crap draught of my animatic is almost done. I've also modelled a 3D yacht in Maya for my sets.
Here is a colour panel for an idea of the art direction and perhaps final design.
I've been very inspired by Graham Annable's amazing paintings as seen here.
One of my classes is crazy intensive with 2D animation, at the moment I am trying to figure out how to animate a pole vaulter. If that wasn't hard enough I have to do it with crazy perspective! ARGH! 

I have also turned my recent Chiptune Poster into album art for my buddy Dot.AY's new release!