Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poster Finished (I believe)

It took a while (mostly me just lying around watching movies due to heat) to finish it.
I'm fairly happy with it. I will probably look at it in a weak and dislike the overlayie stuff. I'm starting to get into this incorporation if pixel aspects into standard cartoony stuff. I guess it should only be in there for a good reason though, like this being for a chiptune gig!

Click for full res
And for kicks here is a PIXEL VERSION.
Resizing an image using Nearest Neighbour does wonders.

Also, I am considering starting a video blog soon on the development of my Animation. I have to keep a journal for uni anyway, so I figure this might be a funner way to do that.

I've also been thinking, do I need an artist alias?! So many cool digital dudes have them... I wonder if my work would become more easily recognisable and rememberable if I did.
I don't know, I will think on it.

ALSO. Be sure to check out 2 player productions awesome proof of concept minecraft documentary.

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