Sunday, February 13, 2011

BM update and Animatic Progress

Hello THERE.
SO the my animatic for my film is SLOWLY coming together. It's tough to figure out how to frame shots I am telling you! I found the Brad Bird's storyboard guide a real useful refresher before I started.

SO. Tom and I got real lazy. I'll tell you what. We started working on our new films and everything kinda got put under the rug for a while. It wasn't until our friend John Grist, through attempting to motivate me to finish it somehow got conned into helping us! SO, we now have another great animator on board to do the character shots. We plan to meet later in the week to start production.
Sorry we have been such lazy arseholes. Here is a little ANIMATED SAMPLE I did.


  1. Looks good but dorfs dont have knees.

  2. moron. if a humanoid creature didn't have knees, then how can it crouch?! dwarfs are simply short human-like creatures.

  3. I know this is old, but I've only JUST gotten into Dwarf Fortress. I'm part way through reading this story. And hate to say it, but you *MIGHT* start to go viral.

    Boing Boing have done a big article recently on Dwarf Fortress. There is starting to seep into the community "BoatMurdered". Elephant memes are starting to appear. Don't say you haven't been warned.

  4. Cheers for the heads up. It's kinda on hold at the moment, but due to this recent article I'm considering diving in early.

  5. I've been into DF for a month or so and am loving it. If you had some way for me to assist you (like google ads or whatnot), I would. Keep up the good work and make it Dwarfy!

  6. Hey BartB! Cheers for the comment, hey shoot me an email at or post a contact email so we can get in touch.