Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy Xmas and New Year friends.

I have been holidaying with family and all that, but now the new year is here I am back to UNI WORK (work is a funny word for me cos it is more like fun). I have to get a pre production pack finished during my holidays before I go back to uni. So I am starting concept art and things like that for my big new animation. It will be called "The Wedding" (perhaps working title, but I like that). I'm not sure if I have mentioned but I will be adapting my house mate Jack Vening's wonderful short story. I also have a pretty exciting sound guy on board to score it!
Here is the first peak of concept art! I have been playing lots of monkey island so I am pretty influenced by their art direction at the moment.

I also just made this pencil like brush preset for photoshop, My first brush design.

Tom and I are also diving back into Boatmurdered to finish it by uni start!
Here is proof, a shot of Tom's flash file.

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