Friday, October 1, 2010

Laika to the Stars

I have this assignment for my post production class to make "something awesome". That is really our only guideline. Well I guess we have to use after effects a bit too.

I have this short film idea that I had completely forgotten about until recently, which I think I will try and see through. It is pretty ambitious for the size of the assignment.
I'm real interested in space travel and have always found the story of Laika (the Russian dog sent into space) super fascinating and tragic.

The idea is I tell the story from the dog's perspective and act like a dick and anthropomorphise the heck out of Laika by making her narrate it too. So what I need to do is get a girl with a russian accent to do it with! That is the hard part. Finding music is pretty hard too. I would love to use The Motherland hears, the Motherland knows somehow, so it is royalty free. It is the song Yuri Gagarin hummed as he went into space. I also need to work out how to make the visuals... Do I draw it all?! WHAT DO I DO!?

Here is an image for Laika I made a few years back. Says something about from the streets of Moscow to the stars.

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  1. Laika the space dog...That's a pretty cool choice of subject! I bet you could come up with something compelling about her.