Monday, October 11, 2010

Koalas AGAIN

Here is another compulsory and assessable BORING uni update regarding my Koala advert.
We are cramming at the moment. We have an unexpected and kinda unnecessary deadline to have finished cleaned and coloured animation by tomorrow to show our client. I am animating a giant explosion so I am having some fun. I have been looking at Metal Slug explosions because they are the BEST.

We have been having some fun though. Which is good.

On other uni news I have been fucked around by our retarded teacher Charlie. He is meant to be our script writing teacher and has only just given us our marks back for our scripts... about 4 months late thanks Charlie. He never gave us feedback for our drafts, stating that "I don't want to give you feedback so it contaminates your work." well... I received a PASS. I have never received a PASS grade. I went to see him to get some reasoning, his response was "seen it.".
REALLY?! You have seen it before?! WELL... that is strange. Seeing my script was based completely on conventions and cliches, being a 70's cop show satire.
For FUCKS sake Griffith university. Going to try get it re-marked. Sorry for my student rage.

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