Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Koala Journal Update SO CLOSE

We have been very busy on our advert. Today we needed to basically have all our shots finished and ready. I had a bunch to fix up, such as tweaking the background I was given, do a quick lighting pass, re animate the tractor and add smoke. This all went pretty painlessly and I am actually pretty happy with my final explosion scene. I added a subtle camera shake too.

Again I ran around to everybody to get their exported shots out so that I could compile then in premiere. Some people need a few more tweaks but it's looking close to finished.
The transition between the explosion and real estate board needs to be fixed up so it's more clear. I think I will have to animate a bit more on the end of my explosion so there is space to do a cross fade or dip to black. I can just boil the explosion I reckon.
The pressure from this project is starting to lift. We have made pretty good time actually.
Had a few ups and downs with each other but it's been fine.

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