Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Koala Coala

Getting pretty sick of this whole Koala business. We just had our weekly meeting. I have never come away from one feeling energetic, excited, motivated or even particularly happy.
I discovered from John today that we aren't even meant to do a Blog for this... despite the fact that I have communicated to him about it like 5 times already and that it was previously fine and good to do. Some consistency in our criteria would be cool. I compiled together all the shots today and put it together into an unfinished version. Here it is.

It was tough wrangling everybody to get their shots in time.
WE sat on one of my shots for like 15 minutes during our meeting and all talked about a BILLION additions. Despite the fact that it is unfinished and that we have been doing planning of the shots for like 3 months and had plenty of time to make changes. Frustrating to change things up when I have just assumed I finished some chunks.
Jasmine has been good with her kinda... planning of getting things done. But I find she always does it in a very stressful and emotional way. We all have kinda stopped communicating with each other because I think we are all so fed up with the advert in general.
There are also heaps of frustrating discrepancies within the advert that divert from the original storyboard. But I can't really say anything now because it will cause drama.

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