Sunday, October 31, 2010

Drunk Animation Exercise

Here are some rough roughs for a drunk animation exercise.
I hope he seems drunk...

There are a few janky bits, like the wobble step and the reaction then fall... and the fact that his leg length changes so much on the attempted step. I'm pleased with how many frames I managed in only 2 sessions though.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Koala Update Near FINAL

We have almost finished out Koala advert!
I had to make a few tweaks with my shot and extend the explosion, and tweaked some of the transitions, it works better now. Tom, Troy and I went through and added in the quick blurry transitions between shots. Now we just need to ad the text and give Yolly the file to add sound too.

Weight Lifter Animation Exercise

Here is another of my animation exercises. A weight lifter!
I found it very challenging, the feel of the weight isn't quiet as intense as I would have liked.
I should try another one soon.

I'll be attempting a drunk walk soon! Yikes!
And here are some silly style tests for an assignment.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Koala Journal Update SO CLOSE

We have been very busy on our advert. Today we needed to basically have all our shots finished and ready. I had a bunch to fix up, such as tweaking the background I was given, do a quick lighting pass, re animate the tractor and add smoke. This all went pretty painlessly and I am actually pretty happy with my final explosion scene. I added a subtle camera shake too.

Again I ran around to everybody to get their exported shots out so that I could compile then in premiere. Some people need a few more tweaks but it's looking close to finished.
The transition between the explosion and real estate board needs to be fixed up so it's more clear. I think I will have to animate a bit more on the end of my explosion so there is space to do a cross fade or dip to black. I can just boil the explosion I reckon.
The pressure from this project is starting to lift. We have made pretty good time actually.
Had a few ups and downs with each other but it's been fine.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mud Walk Roughs

Today I finished off my roughs for the mud walk. I'm also testing out doing my key frames without ONION SKIN! Crazy hey. I figure the less I rely on something like that the better I will become at redrawing characters. So lots of flicking between frames.
I ran into the age old problem with creating a cycle... my character pose and proportion changed a chunk, so instead of fixing it I just forced him back into the starting position. LAZY!

Animated in Animate Pro
I'm starting to realize the value of this exercise now. After looking back on that I thought "hey... a standard walk wouldn't be so hard!"

Next step is: Either ad secondary action items, like fabric and stuff to this. OR begin new exercise with a simple step, pickup and throw.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Animation Exercises

Instead of that Laika animation I am doing some really useful animation exercises with my teach Joe Brumm! It is super helpful and will hopefully assist with my lack of animation confidence.
Here is a real rough "mud walk" test.

I'm used to doing really exaggerated over the top animation. So trying to teach myself to be more subtle and realistic is tough.

I'm reading Acting for Animators by Ed Hooks, super great book. He talks about how knowing realistic movement is really vital, even if you want to only exaggerate. Picasso started out doing incredible life like work.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Geometry Wall

For my visual story class I need to storyboard and develop and original animation.
I randomly came up with this idea. I'm calling it Geometry Wall so far (don't know if I need a more poetic name). It's kind of like Tetris meets that really freaky manga comic "The Enigma of Amigara Fault".

So there will be more news on this soon. Dunno if I will ever turn it into an actual animation, it's a pretty fun simple story though. I'm starting to enjoy really simple design, I'm not sure if it is out of laziness, fear of detail or what. I can kid myself that it is expression through simplicity, like pixel art.

Koala Coala

Getting pretty sick of this whole Koala business. We just had our weekly meeting. I have never come away from one feeling energetic, excited, motivated or even particularly happy.
I discovered from John today that we aren't even meant to do a Blog for this... despite the fact that I have communicated to him about it like 5 times already and that it was previously fine and good to do. Some consistency in our criteria would be cool. I compiled together all the shots today and put it together into an unfinished version. Here it is.

It was tough wrangling everybody to get their shots in time.
WE sat on one of my shots for like 15 minutes during our meeting and all talked about a BILLION additions. Despite the fact that it is unfinished and that we have been doing planning of the shots for like 3 months and had plenty of time to make changes. Frustrating to change things up when I have just assumed I finished some chunks.
Jasmine has been good with her kinda... planning of getting things done. But I find she always does it in a very stressful and emotional way. We all have kinda stopped communicating with each other because I think we are all so fed up with the advert in general.
There are also heaps of frustrating discrepancies within the advert that divert from the original storyboard. But I can't really say anything now because it will cause drama.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Koala Explosion

More compulsory and assessable BORING uni update.

Here is a unfinished render of my laser and explosion. Animated on 1's and 2s'.

I'm fairly happy with the timing. I wish I had a longer shot to really let that explosion hang there. Still lots to do with the lighting, texture and colouring. NOT to mention animating the tractor and Koala too!
We have all been animating pretty late today, the sun has long set!

The other guys shots look good!

Koalas AGAIN

Here is another compulsory and assessable BORING uni update regarding my Koala advert.
We are cramming at the moment. We have an unexpected and kinda unnecessary deadline to have finished cleaned and coloured animation by tomorrow to show our client. I am animating a giant explosion so I am having some fun. I have been looking at Metal Slug explosions because they are the BEST.

We have been having some fun though. Which is good.

On other uni news I have been fucked around by our retarded teacher Charlie. He is meant to be our script writing teacher and has only just given us our marks back for our scripts... about 4 months late thanks Charlie. He never gave us feedback for our drafts, stating that "I don't want to give you feedback so it contaminates your work." well... I received a PASS. I have never received a PASS grade. I went to see him to get some reasoning, his response was "seen it.".
REALLY?! You have seen it before?! WELL... that is strange. Seeing my script was based completely on conventions and cliches, being a 70's cop show satire.
For FUCKS sake Griffith university. Going to try get it re-marked. Sorry for my student rage.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Luke... I am your-

My housemate Jack came into my room and told me I should make this video edit. So I did.

So stupid. It will never hold a light to that boba fett gif where he uses his jet pack and slams into Jabba's ship and falls into the sarlacc. I can't find it online!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Laika to the Stars

I have this assignment for my post production class to make "something awesome". That is really our only guideline. Well I guess we have to use after effects a bit too.

I have this short film idea that I had completely forgotten about until recently, which I think I will try and see through. It is pretty ambitious for the size of the assignment.
I'm real interested in space travel and have always found the story of Laika (the Russian dog sent into space) super fascinating and tragic.

The idea is I tell the story from the dog's perspective and act like a dick and anthropomorphise the heck out of Laika by making her narrate it too. So what I need to do is get a girl with a russian accent to do it with! That is the hard part. Finding music is pretty hard too. I would love to use The Motherland hears, the Motherland knows somehow, so it is royalty free. It is the song Yuri Gagarin hummed as he went into space. I also need to work out how to make the visuals... Do I draw it all?! WHAT DO I DO!?

Here is an image for Laika I made a few years back. Says something about from the streets of Moscow to the stars.