Friday, September 10, 2010

Koala Group Update #3

Another compulsory Koala Community Project update! YESSS!

Things have been pretty turbulent. Now that we are properly into production and away from the simpler pre production steps it's getting more stressful and we are all running into the odd altercation. Perhaps most of it's due to me being a little controlling or feeling I have a clear picture for the initial ad (which I developed and did the storyboard for) and having issues when it seems to flippantly take a different direction from the initial plan. So Jasmine and I have been knocking heads a little bit, mainly over the timing of the sequence or the framing of some shots.

I need to start the keyframing for the Koala now. I was meant to do it today... but I purchased a sweet new monitor online and did this instead.

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