Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Art Dump 2 - Sonja Smoke and friends

Here are my character designs for my friend Bronte's honors creative writing piece. It is an awesome collection of poems about these "super heroes" who aren't quiet heroes. Hopefully it becomes HUGELY famous and I know I did the initial visual designs!
I tried drawing these really organically, just going ahead and not cleaning them up much at all. It was a really fun and quick process. Start with the structure then just add in and remove linework all on the one layer.


Bit of a weird design this one, she may look too much like an alien/feline thing.

Heart Throb

He is a hero but he also literally steals hearts. He ended up getting real Bob Dylan meets Travolta from grease.

The Hawk

I realized after he looks plenty like Dr Weird and Harvey Birdman. Also a bit of a super hero pimp... He is actually more of an ex hero now full time hero manager.

The Monster

A Star Wars monster meets the Pyro? The monster is a pretty cool character, but no spoilers here!!!

I'm meant to be on holidays for a week but have a billion uni work things to do!
I am going to start production on a new short film/graphic animation soon, about Laika, the Russian dog sent to space.

OH AND my housemate and his GF are hardcore pokemon players so I just picked up soul silver, I used to be nuts into pokemon in primary school. I just randomly ran into and caught a shiny Rattata! 1 in 8,192 chance apparently. They are uber jealous. Man what a fucking nerd. I am.

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