Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aesop Fable Adaptation WIP1

For one of my classes I need to adapt an Aesop Fable into a short animation storyboard.
My original test was for adapting one about 3 animals living vertically in a big old tree.
This was my test image.

I find it really useful to just get something visual put down for an idea. That way it can exist in the image and remind me when I stumble back across it.

My new idea is adapting the fable Two Frogs.

It's going to be very 2D and graphic. I think this is due to my heavy playing of Dwarf Fortress at the moment. Also I'm so busy I figure this might be a little quicker to produce than some detailed epic... I also love volcanoes and wanted to make something that would pay homage to those 2D army battleground images I drew as a kid ala Worms.

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  1. I friggen loved my 2d battlegrounds. Good to see activity Simon!