Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sonja Smoke

HEY. So here is the last image in the Bronte Coate's creative writing super hero poem honours collection! Sonja Smoke! I can never draw girls, but I am fairly pleased with this one. Well I am at the moment, I bet I will look at it tomorrow and hate it.

Art Dump 2 - Sonja Smoke and friends

Here are my character designs for my friend Bronte's honors creative writing piece. It is an awesome collection of poems about these "super heroes" who aren't quiet heroes. Hopefully it becomes HUGELY famous and I know I did the initial visual designs!
I tried drawing these really organically, just going ahead and not cleaning them up much at all. It was a really fun and quick process. Start with the structure then just add in and remove linework all on the one layer.


Bit of a weird design this one, she may look too much like an alien/feline thing.

Heart Throb

He is a hero but he also literally steals hearts. He ended up getting real Bob Dylan meets Travolta from grease.

The Hawk

I realized after he looks plenty like Dr Weird and Harvey Birdman. Also a bit of a super hero pimp... He is actually more of an ex hero now full time hero manager.

The Monster

A Star Wars monster meets the Pyro? The monster is a pretty cool character, but no spoilers here!!!

I'm meant to be on holidays for a week but have a billion uni work things to do!
I am going to start production on a new short film/graphic animation soon, about Laika, the Russian dog sent to space.

OH AND my housemate and his GF are hardcore pokemon players so I just picked up soul silver, I used to be nuts into pokemon in primary school. I just randomly ran into and caught a shiny Rattata! 1 in 8,192 chance apparently. They are uber jealous. Man what a fucking nerd. I am.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A New New Hope

Here is my Green Screen Assignment.
This is totally official canon now.

Made in After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop. Using some video copilot tutorials.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Art Dump

I always wanted to sound like a real internet graphictition (can't say artist yet, so I will invent words till I can confidently) and say Art Dump. I don't know if it implies it's shit or what.


This is Sonja. Or as I like to call her, Sonja Smoke.
This is for my friend Bronte. Or as I like to call her, Bromley/Brompy/Brambrey/Braprey.
She is currently finishing off her Honors in creative writing and is doing this awesome poetry meets super hero story! I am going to be doing designs of her other characters soon, I had lots of fun working with her character descriptions.


This is for my Post Processing class. I am currently rendering out my first After Effects version. It is going to be pretty awesome and star wars themed. This is a multiplane image, so every element is on a different layer so a After Effects camera can fly through it!!!

DUMP 3!!!

This is a card for my Dad's birthday. We are getting him a zoo thing where he can go hang out in the cheetah enclosure, this is what I will assume is gonna happen because my Dad is the manliest guy I know. He once cut a horse in half with a motorcycle. I'm not even kidding on that one. One day I should make an animation about that amazing event.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just playing

I just drew my first thing on my new widescreen monitor (duel display). Was pretty awesome!
Having so much space to work in is so good! I'd been doing all my drawing at uni, now I can do it at home too!

I also was playing around with some of the new weird 3D pressure brushes in CS5. You can see it got grotesquely out of hand.
These/this guy might show up somewhere in the future.

I'm going to be gnarly busy in the next few days. Turns out the incredibly boring and creatively barren flash animation thing I'm doing for a client is unexpectedly needed in the next few days!
Late niiiights are GO!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Video and Animation

I forgot to post this video up when I finished it like a BILLION years ago (few weeks).
Was for a uni thing, using only sourced visuals from google.images to create a visual sequence with some kind of loose narrative.

And here is my first go at a perspective walk. I traditionally suck at perspective anything and try avoid it at all costs. Joe Brumm got us to do it for out Post Pro. class and it turned out to be super useful. I just don't do enough animating these days (as none of our current classes actually require it!) This is obviously a very rough animation test.

In unrelated boring personal news I have finally gotten around to getting the next few Song of Fire and Ice books. Radical. HBO is turning it into a series too! Wicked.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aesop Fable Adaptation WIP1

For one of my classes I need to adapt an Aesop Fable into a short animation storyboard.
My original test was for adapting one about 3 animals living vertically in a big old tree.
This was my test image.

I find it really useful to just get something visual put down for an idea. That way it can exist in the image and remind me when I stumble back across it.

My new idea is adapting the fable Two Frogs.

It's going to be very 2D and graphic. I think this is due to my heavy playing of Dwarf Fortress at the moment. Also I'm so busy I figure this might be a little quicker to produce than some detailed epic... I also love volcanoes and wanted to make something that would pay homage to those 2D army battleground images I drew as a kid ala Worms.


You should vote for my threadless design so I can win $2,500 plz.

Squidsplosion - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Friday, September 10, 2010

Koala Group Update #3

Another compulsory Koala Community Project update! YESSS!

Things have been pretty turbulent. Now that we are properly into production and away from the simpler pre production steps it's getting more stressful and we are all running into the odd altercation. Perhaps most of it's due to me being a little controlling or feeling I have a clear picture for the initial ad (which I developed and did the storyboard for) and having issues when it seems to flippantly take a different direction from the initial plan. So Jasmine and I have been knocking heads a little bit, mainly over the timing of the sequence or the framing of some shots.

I need to start the keyframing for the Koala now. I was meant to do it today... but I purchased a sweet new monitor online and did this instead.


Here is that finished design.

I had heaps of fun with this (though as always I ran into some issues with the colouring, I must have done 5 different styles until I accidentally stumbled upon this simpler one. My initial was crazy intense fluro.)
This came together quicker than I thought because of one funny/happy event. I did a really rough colour test under the clean line work. Then I started to do the overlay stuff (such as the pixels) then realized it looked pretty bad arse with the rough colouring. So if you look close you will notice how rough it is, but I like that. I might try slap it on a shirt or even submit it to threadless!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Poster WIP

I'm currently working on a new poster for DOT.AY for a big aussie chiptune gig.
Here is my first rough template WIP.

It is in the same series as my old poster.