Sunday, August 29, 2010

Koala Bloggin #2

So I am actually required (as part of uni assessment) to blog about they production of our Save the Koala advert. I think for anyone reading this who ISN'T my lecturer this is going to be pretty boring, so I apologize. So feel free not to read anything with KOALA in the title.

Production has been going pretty well, we have been breaking up our work load efficiently and getting things done. Jasmine has been thrust into the producer role and I must admit I am relieved by this as I assumed I might have been subject to it. Ha.
I believe my further work on the project will be animating the actual Koala. I think Tom should handle backgrounds and some animation and Troy in charge of the construction worker and tractor.

Our meetings every week are... interesting. I feel we had a disastrous previous one as our nice animatic got unexpectedly altered to be full of horrendous cross fades at the last second. It was pretty disappointing. We are now up to planning our layout and scenes properly. Which is kinda a pain in the arse with the amount of other stuff I have heaped onto my plate at the moment.
Stupid freelance work!!! I'm doing this one with vector stuff, a skin care advert and I HATE it.
So out of my element and so tedious.

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