Sunday, August 29, 2010

Koala Bloggin #2

So I am actually required (as part of uni assessment) to blog about they production of our Save the Koala advert. I think for anyone reading this who ISN'T my lecturer this is going to be pretty boring, so I apologize. So feel free not to read anything with KOALA in the title.

Production has been going pretty well, we have been breaking up our work load efficiently and getting things done. Jasmine has been thrust into the producer role and I must admit I am relieved by this as I assumed I might have been subject to it. Ha.
I believe my further work on the project will be animating the actual Koala. I think Tom should handle backgrounds and some animation and Troy in charge of the construction worker and tractor.

Our meetings every week are... interesting. I feel we had a disastrous previous one as our nice animatic got unexpectedly altered to be full of horrendous cross fades at the last second. It was pretty disappointing. We are now up to planning our layout and scenes properly. Which is kinda a pain in the arse with the amount of other stuff I have heaped onto my plate at the moment.
Stupid freelance work!!! I'm doing this one with vector stuff, a skin care advert and I HATE it.
So out of my element and so tedious.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hi Hi Koalas UPDATE #1

Sorry for the brief hiatus of blogging! Things have been very busy around here.
Plenty of uni related stuff, house hunting and very soon (tomorrow!!!) to be house moving, colds and all kindsa fun stuff.

Boatmurdered is on a brief hiatus at the moment. It's tough getting Tom and I together to work on it. Mainly due to our uni having an amazingly spaz idea of taking all the pens away from the wacoms at uni and making us either have to buy our own or go through a delayed and tedious rental program. COOL! I'll work on getting stuff together again real soon. I've still been playing heaps of Dwarf Fortress though!

Uni news:
I'm in a cool group of 2D animators to make a non profit commercial for the Australian Koala Foundation. We had a pitch process to the client and my concept got picked! I finished the storyboard v.1 today. The whole group got to go visit proper Koalas last friday but I was in bed with a crazy fever and sadly missed it. ALMOST BETTER!

As you can see, they wanted something a little bit off beat and "virally", like this sickness I have! AMIRITE?!
I've got a BILLION other things to do, including an audio analysis of a scene from Empire Strikes Back, an abstract short image sequence video, a huge life drawing landscape with figures, a green screen sequence, this Koala advert and many more future assignments! On top of that I'm doing some freelance stuff for a Scooter Apparel brand (sticker designs) and a sequence for a skin care cream ad thing. Plus I want to start some of my own projects soon.
Jesus writing that all out makes me just wanna drop dead now.

I've finally started reading LOTR too... That has been like a life goal. I just destroyed the Hobbit and figured it has given me the momentum to dive in. I've tried like 3 times in the past.

Speaking of (Koala) BEARS (not actually bears ) This is amazing:

I wish that was my name in those credits and I had actually made it.
Instead of Eran Hilleli