Friday, July 30, 2010

Finished design

Poster art for a Manabar chiptune gig. Click for larger res.

Think I will make a shirt with it.
OK! Boatmurdered can resume again shortly.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Back at uni...
HEY LOOK. Here is a rough WIP design image for a poster I'm doing.

I'm about to start working on the cleans and then colouring. Pretty happy with those Deagle wings.
And here is a little animation I did for a small chunk of a tropfest entry. True story.

Animated in 1 day. All boiled baby!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wallpaper and pro. cont. PRO C*NT?

HEY. HI. So production is going along and all. I'm about to go away for a week to visit parents and ol friends. Tomorrow I will be working with like 30 other animators on a Tropfest entry!
We have almost finished all our backgrounds, which has been tedious and taking heaps longer than we thought. I've also picked up a few freelance little things.
HERE IS A TREAT FOR YOU. A wallpaper by Tom. It is so good. Click for full screen PLZ!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Check this out

Production AGAIN

We are churning through making our backgrounds. Pretty tedious work. But we should hopefully be able to then have plenty of fun doing ambient animation passes and character stuff.
Here is some recent STUFF. Click for BIG:
Crude character designs

An awesome background by Tom

And a wallpaper for a dude on the Dwarf Fortress Forums

I have also been thinking about what to do next. I might just start my life goal project, which I would be working on at random over the rest of my lifetime. MORE NEWS ON THAT

Monday, July 12, 2010

animatic finished

The animatic is done and hopefully refined and readable.
Here is some backgrounds stuff by Tom.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Production Continues

Production has been going ahead pretty smoothly. The animatic is underway and a few shots have been worked out. It's still going to be tough to tell this story in the timing of the song and make it clear with no dialogue or narration. Here is a bit more concept stuff.

Above by Tom

Monday, July 5, 2010

First concept

Real basic animatic is done. We have planned the thing out further, considering shots and whatnot. Our biggest hurdle will be to create a readable silent story with an unusual plot.

Here is our first batch of concept art! I only drew the guy sitting down, Tom did the rest.

Tom from now on is in charge of elephants... for obvious awesome reasons.
It will be interesting to see how our styles combine. Hopefully it won't be too obvious when there is a switch of artist. It's a good learning experience for collaborating though!

Boatmurdered Production GO

Balls to the wall production has started on the Boatmurdered animation! It will have Dwarfs, Elephants, Magma and Madness! D.E.M.M.!
I'm going to use the amazing theme song to the Omen, composed by Jerry Goldsmith, who also scored Alien (coincidentally I've been watching them all these last few days). I actually used this song in a previous silly video edit of BigDog. I hope that doesn't make me a hack.

I created a "music-storyboard" for it. Something I have never done before, I don't know if it's common practice, but I'm pretty proud of it!

I don't tend to do such successful organization.
The animatic is about to begin production, following that music-board guide. Tom is about to come in and begin working on concept art, backgrounds and display frames.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I've gone a little into holiday mode hence the lack of updates. I've been playing HEAPS of Dwarf Fortress this past week. I've tried to get into it about 4 times in the past, but it's always so hardcore that I give up. I finally cracked it this time! I've watched about 2 hours worth of youtube tutorials. Such an amazing game, with so much depth and creative inspiration.
Speaking of which, I am starting up production on a little holiday animation colab with my uni friend Tom. We are going to do it in flash to capitalise on the market of hyperactive teenagers. We are going to adapt a famous Dwarf Fortress Something Awful forum game session into a short animation. Can't wait!

Here is some quick concept sketches for another idea that I was planning on doing but got bored of.

Click to make excessively large