Saturday, June 19, 2010

Loose Lip Syncs Sink Ship Syncs

2 More days left to work on my final uni animation for the semester. This 2 character dialogue sequence is pretty unusual. It runs for over a minute and is voice recorded by myself and my house mate. This would kill me for the week or so I have been working on it, but I'm trying to embrace limited animation for this thing. It's tough though, having previously been working on FULL animation. I think it is going ok, the line work and actual animation is pretty horrible but the end result should be entertaining.

You may have seen this but if not you should now see it:

Directed by A.F.Schepperd
Commissioned by Ninjatune Records
Music by Blockhead

On a totally inconvenient note: Our landlord is going to try sell our place we are renting. Garg!

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  1. Interesting music video there Simon. Also looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor