Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Production is fully underway now, none of this dickin' round with the software business! I've ironed out all my pipeline issues and complications (touch digital wood) and it's now as simple as creating my shots.
My first shot took a few hours to compile, I'm hoping that's due to me figuring out how to actually do it. I've also planned out all my shots carefully and think I have some nice and subtle visual story hooks. Here is shot 2: Love (there are 15 in total)

Click to see full res! Here it is in the editor

So what I am doing is making these shots using only a widescreen portion of the frame. I've changed some settings in the game so that it displays at a pretty huge resolution, so that I can crop the frame in around the image without losing any resolution.
I'm still not sure if I will attempt animation within the software. If I did it would be as simple as... say those leaves moving a little. Man I probably should shouldn't I... Dammit! If I did just do some background stuff, such as a candle, dust particles and the like it would make it much more visually engaging. FINE I'LL DO IT. GET OFF MY BACK. I started this post with the intention of informing you that I wouldn't... virtual imaginary peer pressure.

Hey! I remembered another great short film that must have really stuck with me, as this project is fairly similar. Check out Last Day Dream:



  1. How would you animate in the SiD editor my man?


  2. It's as simple as creating a few versions of the scene with slightly different sprites (or frames) then taking screenshots and combining the images in an editor. AND BAM! very simple animation.