Friday, April 9, 2010

Newspaper Animation and You (me)

I'm starting to discover some interesting hurdles with using newspaper as my medium, which could also be why when I search on youtube for newspaper animations I find only about 3. I'm guessing this is because everyone else was more sensible. What I initial thought was a production shortcut has probably turned into the kind of shortcut where you blindly drive through a corn field screaming and into a lake. Newspaper is very temperamental, almost alive. It's light and loves to float about, surprisingly hard to pick up and even harder to get to sit flat, when painted it curls like a dead flower, tears very easily and my entire work station is susceptible to be blown away with a sneeze. God bless it, no wonder it's a dying form of news media! Here is a picture of all those things happening to me at once

Experimentation is trial and error right?
I thought I was being very clever with the sticky tape building windows though. This would all be much easier if I had a multi-plane glass thing going on, but it's one dimension for meeeee!
With the feeling that this animation isn't going to be visually interesting I'm starting to think of backup plans, such as throwing the footage into an animation package and animating things over it, to give it a bit more life and be experimental with the mixed media. I've been checking out some of my fellow student's blogs about their production and I think it's put me into this little unconfident state. Man who am I trying to fool, this animation is gonna change lives.

I think I have my theme worked out though! Over saturation of useless media, information and a bit of globalisation.
Here are some other newspaper animations I found:

Haha I just gave out a big sigh at my prospects and blew over a bunch of cut outs. DAMN YOU PAAAAAPEEEEER!

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