Monday, April 12, 2010

logistical issues

I have spent some time now messing around with the editors seeing what kind of results I can get, I have discovered there are a few logistical complications I have to deal with.
For starters, it's going to be a challenge getting the footage I need at 1024 x 768 resolution, due to the nature of the game and interface. I also need to figure out a good system for capturing the footage, because currently the images I do capture are strangely dark. This might be as simple as tweaking the image settings in the final edit to make it more vibrant.

To capture the footage I think I'll need to do the following:
Run the game at a really high resolution on a computer that can support that, then capture the non widescreen footage of the game and interface and crop the footage just around a widescreen portion of the game window, cutting off some of the image. This means that when I create my sets I have to be aware of that cut off and mentally frame it with that in mind.
It's also going to be interesting creating the images themselves, as it isn't as simple as just drawing it in. Just to create a character you have to do it on multiple layers and combine them.

Here are some initial character style tests.

(I only made the characters)

This guy is made up of 7 elements. Head, chest, legs, shoes and 2 arms. You have to create these parts separately, so in a different window from the other parts. It's pretty cool though, because it means you can customise and easily recycle character pieces.

I get that I could get this result from an animation package (and probably more easily), but I enjoy the challenge of adapting software beyond it's initial intention. Also it's a neat way to get a video noticed!

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