Monday, April 12, 2010

I always do this

So I was just watching a little tutorial video on using these graphic editors within this really neat little indy game called Sleep is Death by Jason Rohrer. It's basically a simple online interactive multiplayer story tool. What made my brain spasm was this tutorial on one of the graphical editors within the program.

I am a big pixel art fan. Last year I made a pixel art music video for the band The Model School|.

Check it out HERE! (Stupid thing can't be made small enough to fit into this tiny blog)

And I got thinking about experimental animation. It's user experimentation and medium experimentation. I must say I have been experimenting with this stop motion stuff, more as just an exercise in new mediums, but it wouldn't be experimental for the viewer. SO. What if I made a really experimental animation, using all the graphic editors within Sleep is Death? Captured digitally, then edited into an animated narrative? That would be experimental... It would be like a crazy retro pixel Machinima film. OK! I'm going to mull this over today. But I think it would be a really neat thing. Heck. I'm a digital baby. Who reads the paper anyway?

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