Sunday, April 25, 2010


Working through my Flash assignment. I need a character (or 2) moving through an environment with some degree of lip synch and editing. I'm using 2 characters, an Alien father and son. They come to earth under the guise of Jupiter's moon Diplomats, but the Father actually takes over the earth in a few days, having actually been banished and shot towards the sun as a horrible criminal from his planet. The son is kinda bummed though because he was enjoying human school. It's mostly set in France, because turns out they had been stockpiling super weapons since World War 1.

*Shit... When telling a uni buddy this just now he explained that this is basically the plot of invader Zim, something I've never watched. SHITTY SHIT SHITS!*

Anyway... HEY LOOK! I'm going to draw all the visuals in Photoshop and import them into Flash to make the characters. I'm not so keen on this style of Flash cutout animation. (OH COOL! Upon bringing it all into flash I have discovered that: You should not make characters out of images (even high res) if you want decent quality)

Hows that unoriginality feel Simon? CRUSHING!

Also Rule has been going well! It was on the front page of
Also here is another image for a project I'm helping out with!

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