Thursday, April 8, 2010

Experimental Cutout animation DAY 1

I have started "production" on a silly experimental cutout style animation. This blog is actually part of the requirement for this specific uni project, but I plan to keep it going long after!

I've decided to use newspaper cut outs as it's a sure fire way to layer in some "depth" for little actual work, haha. Also I like the idea of modifying existing visual content into something a little more twisted, something this project will surely have.
I'm making this from home so I've made myself a "ghetto-rigged" work station.
Masking taped a suspended webcam from a camera tripod, lighting it with some odd lamps.

Here is my initial setup test

And a shot of my workstation

I've done a few software tests (I'm using a very simple free program) and have decided to shoot on 2's and have my storyboard v1 ready to go. Tomorrow I will try tackle the sets and characters and hopefully begin shooting!
I'm not very confident this will turn out well as it's really new territory for me.

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