Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bit o Art

As always, click for full res
Here's some art stuff for my uni flash project, will be finished tomorrow.
I had fun with this long Paris background, it's like a big bookmark. We needed an establishing shot, so I figured I should go all out and establish the planet within the universe too.

This flash thing is proving to take much longer than originally anticipated. It's almost like a micro pitch with proof of concept. Animatic, environments, characters, model sheets, animation, lip synch. It's got it all.

I've also starting to cook up a new pixel project and have been in contact with an awesome local chiptune musician Dot.AY. So that will most likely be my main side project. (and some game sprites!)

I got a pair of Creative Sound Blaster Arena headphones today, I'm very happy with them, great for gaming. So you know, if I ever need to go pro I got the gear. I'm going to try make an exciting Starcraft 2 shoutcast series with my house mate doing the commentary, despite him barely knowing anything about Starcraft, should be fun.

Also starting to plan a short Pixel Art/Animation documentary for a uni research project.


  1. Hello.

    This is lovely.

    I've enjoyed pretty much everything that you've posted online so far. I was happy to show Rule to my friends, and I'm pretty sure that they showed it to their friends. The chain probably stopped there though.

    Enough praise!

    I've noticed you've a keen ear for very decent soundtracks. I particularly dig your use of that Penguin Cafe Orchestra song. Do you have any songs or artists that you're gunning to use in upcoming projects, or any music that you'd like to recommend in general?

    Keep up the etc, padre.

  2. Thanks man!
    To me, music is a huge factor. I loooove penguin Cafe, and was sad to see Mary and Max use my fav song of theirs. BASTARD! I wanted to use it in a big animation one day.

    I just pick what feels right for the visuals. Also I like trying to find music that most people may not recognize.

  3. Hi, Simon! What's the university you are studying in? I've watched your documentary and found your blog - which is filled with cool stuff! Keep it rollin!